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    The FPV Harness Helper is a product I developed in my frustration to create a reliable, easily modified FPV AV harness.

    Each FPV Harness Helper kit comes with one Harness Helper PCB and two pieces of heatshrink to insulate and protect the assembled harness.

    The FPV Harness Helper PCB is designed to connect the three main components of any FPV system: VTX, Camera, and OSD. On the top side of the PCB, video and audio are connected together, while on the bottom, power and ground are supplied for each device.

    The FPV Harness Helper is designed to work with or without an OSD. Both audio and video signals can be independently crossfed directly to the VTX for maximum flexibility.

    Detailed assembly instructions and reference figures may be found in the user manual, available at this URL: http://files.chrisseto.com/4D5

    For sales or reseller information, please contact